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Care with Your Comfort in Mind

We know that dental anxiety, whether toward a visit to a dentist or an oral surgeon, affects millions of Americans across the country. We also know how to help you overcome it. Making you as comfortable as possible—and your treatment as painless as possible—is always our first priority. Our licensed and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Brady Nielsen, has years of advanced training beyond dental school, with specialized training in administering sedation and anesthesia. For more complex treatments, we’ll even bring in a specialist who will fully monitor you throughout your entire appointment. Our surgical facility is equipped to offer these advanced services and designed for your safety and comfort. If you’re looking for a practice with anesthesia options in San Clemente, CA, and a compassionate team you can trust, visit us for your surgical care.

Benefiting from Anesthesia Services

  • Minimize pain or discomfort
  • Greater relaxation during treatment
  • Decreased dental anxiety and fear
  • Fewer appointments and ability to combine treatments
  • Lasting effects of receiving necessary care
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Our Select Anesthesia Options

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IV Sedation

Administered intravenously, this type of sedation puts you in a sleep-like state, though you will remain awake during your procedure. With amnesic effects, many patients who receive IV sedation may forget parts of their care or the entirety of their treatment. With some lasting effects, patients will need someone to drive them home after their visit.

General Anesthesia

Used for the most complex or extensive dental procedures such as full mouth dental implant placement, general anesthesia is a combination of medications that renders you completely unconscious. Only specially trained practitioners like our oral surgeon can provide this level of anesthesia.
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The Risks of Dental Anxiety

If you’re afraid of dental visits, you may decide to skip them and ignore dental symptoms that should receive attention. The associated risks are considerable, since small dental health issues that go unchecked can eventually turn into big ones. In these instances, the result can be a far more serious condition than you would’ve had if you’d pursued treatment earlier. This can lead to additional systemic complications, more pain, and more treatments. With all our soothing anesthesia options in San Clemente, CA, this need never happen to you. Reach out and learn more about how our specialized and comprehensive anesthesia options and non-opioid Exparel for postoperative pain control can safely offer the comfort and confidence you need for a healthy smile and a healthy life.

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