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Jaw Surgery from the Expert

If you’re experiencing functional issues with your teeth and jaws, everyday movements, such as eating and speaking, are uncomfortable and at times, painful and debilitating. You may have difficulty breathing during sleep or feel self-conscious about an asymmetrical face or worn-down teeth. Whether due to birth defects, injury, or abnormal growth, your troubling jaw problems can be resolved with expert jaw surgery in San Clemente, CA from our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Brady Nielsen. Dr. Nielsen is highly qualified to complete your care, providing personalized and comfortable services right in his state-of-the-art surgical facility. With such extensive training and wide-reaching clinical experience, rarely do any of our patients have conditions that fall out of the scope of our expertise. You’ll be in skilled hands by seeking treatment with our trusted surgical team in San Clemente, CA.
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The Purpose of Corrective Jaw Surgery

The goal of our personalized jaw surgery in San Clemente, CA is to fix one or more problems due to a bad bite (malocclusion) or skeletal imbalances with the jaw that are too severe for orthodontic treatment. Often these problems will have other debilitating consequences, such as TMJ disorder and sleep apnea, that make it difficult to live a functional and healthy life. The good news is that jaw surgery can effectively resolve all these symptoms and associated conditions! With Dr. Nielsen’s expertise and use of sophisticated virtual technology and anesthesia, he can correct the following issues with comfortable, personalized treatment:

  • Chronic jaw pain or TM joint pain
  • Excessive tooth grinding and clenching
  • Difficulty biting, chewing, and swallowing
  • Sleep apnea or mouth breathing
  • Occlusal issues
  • Facial asymmetry
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Complex Surgery Made Simple

Jaw surgery is a highly complex procedure that only trained oral and maxillofacial surgeons like Dr. Nielsen are qualified to complete. Using the latest virtual surgery planning software, he expertly maps out your jaw surgery in 3D. Then patient-specific surgical plates are created that Dr. Nielsen will use during your surgery when repositioning your jaws. During surgery, he will bring alignment back to your jaws by moving the lower jaw forward or backward. In some cases, repositioning the upper jaw is required as well. With incredible efficiency and accuracy, our virtually-guided jaw surgery in San Clemente, CA reduces operating time and provides a significantly more predictable and better outcome for you. Jaw surgery is complex, but with our expertise, we can help you experience a simple treatment process and stress-free recovery. Once your jaw is fully healed, you are free to live a more functional and comfortable life, with greater self-confidence and health!

Dr. Nielsen Explains What Orthognathic Surgery is?

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