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Dentures have stood the test of time and are still in wide use for tooth replacement today. While they offer generally acceptable performance, they do have their downsides. If you’re already wearing dentures you may know these all too well. Dentures stay in place with suction or adhesive pastes. Through jawbone recession and wear they can come loose—often at the worst times. You may be eating or speaking with a friend and the dentures suddenly slip, embarrassing you. Their instability can also cause painful friction against your gums. If these concern you, our team at San Clemente Oral & Facial Surgery encourages you to consider options that put an end to loose dentures in San Clemente, CA.
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Life without Loose Dentures

  • Carefree meals, conversations, laughter, and smiles
  • Improved self-confidence
  • True peace of mind
  • A greater selection of food choices
  • No denture-related gum irritation
  • No pastes required

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

There are multiple paths to a secure smile in San Clemente, CA, and they have one element in common: dental implants. Implant supported dentures combine some features of dentures and dental implants in a single dental appliance. With this solution you have dental implants inserted into your jaw and then a full-arch denture attached to it. The implants stop your denture from shifting during meals and other daily activities, enable you to eat a wider, more satisfying variety of foods, and prevent the bone loss that can happen with traditional dentures due to lack of a root structure. The next option is full mouth or full arch dental implants. This solution is widely considered to be the best overall choice for tooth replacement today. Created to last many years, with regular maintenance may provide up to a lifetime of dependable function and lifelike beauty. Anchored firmly in your jaw, dental implants are strong enough to allow you to eat all your favorite foods with confidence—hard, chewy, and crunchy foods. Dental implants don’t develop decay or infection and their restorations won’t stain. They can truly change your life!
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Traditional Dentures

  • Made from acrylic (plastic)
  • Offers minimal support
  • Will need relines and repairs
  • Often loosens or falls out
  • Does not halt jawbone loss
  • Must be removed to clean
  • May be bulky or ill-fitting
  • Low-cost treatment option
  • Qualifies for dental financing
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Implant Supported Dentures

  • Made from acrylic or porcelain
  • Support from 2+ implants
  • May need relines or repairs
  • Won’t slip, loosen, or fall out
  • Greater stability for eating
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Improves jawbone health
  • May not look or feel natural
  • Moderate treatment cost
  • Qualifies for dental financing
full arch dental implants

Full Arch Fixed Teeth

  • Designed from block of zirconia
  • Fixed to 4-8 implants
  • Comparable to natural teeth
  • Restores over 98% function
  • Promotes healthy jawbone
  • Resistant to bacteria and decay
  • Fracture- and chip-resistant
  • Improves oral and overall health
  • Cared for like natural teeth
  • No additional maintenance
  • Highest treatment cost
  • Qualifies for dental financing

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