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Have you been imagining what life would be like if you had an attractive, functional smile again? You no longer have to imagine—with our full mouth dental implants in San Clemente, CA, you can have a permanent set of new teeth and a new outlook on life in as little as one surgical appointment! Don’t wait to see how our treatment can change your life. Reserve your consultation today!

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The Power of Permanent Teeth

Our full mouth dental implants in San Clemente, CA have the power to transform your life, from your daily function for eating to your long-term health and confidence for socializing. Often in just one day, we can transition you from failing and missing teeth into this permanent solution with a high-tech digital protocol that maximizes your comfort and safety. Better yet, our treatments are personalized to fit your oral health needs and smile goals for the greatest long-term results. Our treatment involves using a custom surgical guide to place four or more dental implants around your jawbone, then securing a full arch of life-like, strong teeth that lets you leave our office with a beautiful new smile! Unlike dentures and other full arch teeth replacement options, our full mouth dental implants offer significant and permanent benefits, including:

  • A new smile delivered the day of surgery (in most cases)
  • Stable, attractive teeth that look and feel real
  • An over 98% return to normal biting and chewing power
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  • Improved jawbone health and oral function
  • Long-term oral and physical health improvements
  • Confidence and wellbeing that improves your life!
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A Smile Transformed in Three Phases


Phase One: Consult and Treatment Plan

Your transformation begins with a personalized consultation with our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Brady Nielsen. At your consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and expectations for treatment as well as take digital diagnostics, including a CBCT scan, to help us plan your treatment. As a high-tech digital practice, we are focused on providing the most streamlined, predictable, and custom solutions to maximize your long-term results. Full mouth dental implants are a lifelong investment, and it’s our goal to help ensure this from day one. Most importantly, we want you to feel confident in your decision to receive permanent new teeth and in the quality of our care!


Phase Two: Guided Implant Placement

All our full mouth dental implants in San Clemente, CA are placed using custom-fabricated surgical guides. Surgical guides are designed based on our treatment plan and the anatomy of your jawbone, so we can virtually remove all room for error during your surgery. Precision surgery also significantly increases the likelihood that we can attach a temporary set of teeth immediately after the procedure. Your comfort is a priority for us during this phase. At your appointment, we’ll have anesthesia services available to minimize any discomfort and anxiety you may feel. With custom anesthesia, most patients don’t remember the procedure and instead wake with a beautiful new smile!


Phase Three: Healing and Final Restoration

Your final phase of treatment involves recovering from surgery. We utilize advanced healing techniques to accelerate this process, but your jawbone will need three or more months to fully integrate with the dental implants. Once this integration is complete, you’ll return to your restorative dentist to have your final restoration designed and milled. We generally recommend a monolithic zirconia bridge for its incredible strength, durability, and comparable look and feel to natural teeth. With this permanent bridge fixed securely to your dental implants, you can enjoy the benefits of full mouth dental implants for many years to come!

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Expert, Personalized Surgical Care

With years of experience and thousands of dental implants placed, Dr. Nielsen is well-qualified to provide your dental implant treatment. Additionally, he is specially trained in handling complex cases involving severe bone loss, dental trauma, and compromising medical conditions. As a board-certified oral surgeon, he has achieved considerable training and experience outside the requirements for his field and remains at the forefront of oral surgery and implant dentistry. Dr. Nielsen is also a respected member of the community, with experience as a national lecturer and author of multiple oral surgery publications. He has become one of the leading oral surgeons for full mouth dental implants in San Clemente, CA due to his personalized approach, advanced surgical technology, and dedication to patient comfort and safety.

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